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Support the museum through the gift shop.

In French, English, Spanish, and other languages.


Intended for Freemason and non-Freemason visitors.


Rare pieces, originals, and more.

Posters and art

Specialized distribution made available to various rites.

Masonic regalia

Museum gift shop

A gift shop is an essential addition to any museum. In this regard, several sections are planned, allowing visitors and Freemasons to find books, items, and souvenirs, some of which have been desired for a long time. This shop will be freely accessible, open to everyone regardless of their museum visit. A wide selection of the products presented will also be available for purchase on the museum's website.

Our gift shop will start its activities before the museum with unique offers in France. The best way to stay informed about these updates and offers is to subscribe to the newsletter by clicking below.

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