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International Museum

of Freemasonry

Castillonnès, 47, France

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The International Museum of Freemasonry is a one-of-a-kind project in the world, rooted in a historic location. Its international and universal mission will be reflected through presentations in multiple languages, showcasing Freemasonry from around the world, various organizations, and rituals.

The museum project


The International Museum of Freemasonry (IMFM) is a unique project in the world, rooted in a historical location.

It will be the first museum independent of any Masonic organization.

Its mission is to present Freemasonry from its origins to the present day, as it exists around the world and through its various organizations.

It is officially registered in France as a non-profit association, under the 1901 law.

The museum will showcase its collections and develop its activities in a building with a very long history that began with the founding of the city.

The bastide of Castillonnès was created in the medieval period in a region that had experienced Gallic and then Gallo-Roman presence.

In 1805, a Masonic lodge was established there and remained active for several decades, marking this place with its history.

A historic place

The collections will showcase Freemasonry around the world, its diversity of expression, its commonalities, as well as specific themes unique to the museum.

Spaces will be allocated to international Masonic organizations that will be able to present the characteristics of this tradition in their country.

The museum's collections

Several life-sized reconstructions will allow the public to immerse themselves in a world that is both fascinating and mysterious.

An audio-visual space will utilize modern techniques to journey through time and history.

Immersive visit

Several thousand printed and digital books will be accessible to visitors, writers, and researchers.


This place will allow for the organization of conferences, writing workshops, and symbolic art workshops.

Cultural center

An underground space will facilitate the reconstruction of a Mithraeum, a gathering place in Roman times where the initiatory mysteries associated with the god Mithras were conducted

Mysteries of Mithras

Throughout its history, Freemasonry has employed a variety of rituals, some of which have remained either unknown or obscure. This rich heritage is crucial for both the historical and practical understanding of this tradition.

Ancient Masonic Rites

The museum shop will offer Masonic and symbolic items, artworks, books, and more.

Museum shop

Support the development of the International Museum of Freemasonry

Whether you are a Freemason or not, an individual or an organization, there are numerous ways to support the museum's mission!

Latest news

Purchase and development

Time capsules

Comic Book Fair, 'Mysteries and Freemasonry

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