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Cultural center

The MIFM has a strong cultural purpose integrated into the life of Castillonnès. Various workshops, classes, and lectures, developed in coordination with the museum, will be scheduled throughout the year. The points below represent some examples of this cultural programming.

Lectures, writing and symbolic art workshops

An annual program of conferences will be arranged, both directly and indirectly related to Freemasonry. Additionally, conference rooms will be available for rent.


Writing workshops and classes, covering both fiction and non-fiction works, will be offered to both beginners and more advanced audiences. There are also plans for writing workshops associated with the use of new artificial intelligence (AI) tools, as well as other workshops corresponding to more traditional learning

Writing workshops

Workshops and classes covering various art forms such as mosaic, painting, drawing, as well as wood sculpture, will be organized by artists. These workshops will cater to a diverse audience.

Art workshops

As the museum will abundantly illustrate, Freemasonry makes extensive use of what are known as 'symbols.' This approach is also found in sacred art. Workshops will allow participants to explore what these 'symbols' are and how to create coherent works using them. It's a way to create art that is both aesthetically pleasing and rich in meaning.

Learning about symbols

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