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Mysteries of Mithras

An underground space will facilitate the reconstitution of a Mithraeum, which served as a meeting place in Roman times where initiatory mysteries associated with the God Mithras were performed. The symbolic connections to Freemasonry will be explored and emphasized through various reenactments, with some offer to Freemasons during private meetings and sessions.

Education, research and reenactments

Thematic conferences on the ancient mysteries of Mithras will be organized regularly. The reconstruction of the Mithraeum will serve as an educational tool, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in an important aspect of ancient Roman culture.

Conferences and visits

Working sessions will convene specialists from diverse disciplines to reconstruct the universe of ancient ritual practices associated with the Mithraic mysteries. This research will be combined with the work of the Director of the Museum, Jean-Louis de Biasi, a recognized specialist in initiation rituals.


The findings of the research will undergo rigorous evaluation before being showcased as ritual experiences offered to Freemasons during certain private meetings.


The mysteries of Mithraism and Freemasonry will be explored and presented both through theoretical discussions and practical workshops.

Symbolic connections

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