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Our vision

A project unique in the world

The International Museum of Freemasonry (IMFM) aims to present Freemasonry from its origins to the present day, as it exists around the world and through its various organizations without being affiliated with any of them.
It will therefore focus on the cultural and universal dimension of this significant tradition.

International Museum

of Freemasonry

Castillonnès, 47, France

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that historically emerged in the 18th century in England. It quickly spread to France and then gradually to other neighboring countries. Today, it is present in all countries of the world, with the exception of those not guaranteeing freedom of expression. Throughout its history, its rites and some aspects of its philosophy have evolved, giving rise to an apparent diversity. However, the essential points of this universal brotherhood are still very much alive, constituting a unique example of a common tradition practiced by millions of individuals of different origins and cultures.

Universal Freemasonry

The vision of humanity is a common point among all expressions of Freemasonry. Regardless of a Freemason's beliefs, all consider fraternity to be universal and believe that no distinction or segregation should have a place in our societies. For humanity to live in peace, it is fundamental to recognize that differences among individuals are superficial, cultural, or historical. We are all human beings with the same essential desires in life: to live in peace, to have freedom of expression, to have access to healthy and sufficient food, to be able to receive medical care, to age, and to die with dignity. Freemasonry has always worked to defend these values and sometimes to provide a space for debate, free from the passions of the world.

The principles

The founders

Jean-Louis de Biasi


A published author with several of his works translated into multiple languages, Jean-Louis de Biasi is also a yoga and philosophy teacher, the founder of "Mediterranean Yoga," and the Grand Master of the "Confrerie of the True Friends of Castillonnès." He has been a Freemason since 1990.

Patricia Bourin


A published author, mosaic artist, yoga teacher, and co-founder of "Mediterranean Yoga" and the "Confrerie of the True Friends of Castillonnès," Patricia has been involved in Freemasonry since 2002.

The project of this museum is not the emanation of a specific lodge, organization, or country. Nor is it the reflection of a single rite.
This museum will be that of world Freemasonry. The goal is to show the richness of this tradition in the diversity of its history and rites. It will be a place celebrating universality in which each country, each Masonic organization can present its origins, the rites it practices, its characteristics, and its future. By extension, the country itself will be presented.
This museum aims to be the place where the most important as well as the rarest rites can be displayed and explained in a simple and understandable way, through visuals and objects.

Diversity and unity

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