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Ancient Masonic rites

Throughout its history, Freemasonry has employed various rituals, some of which have been forgotten or remained obscure. This rich heritage is important for the historical and practical understanding of this tradition. The museum will conduct research in collaboration with specialists and will restore these rare ceremonies, making them accessible during private sessions.

Research, translation, and reenactments

Conferences focusing on the ancient rites of Freemasonry will be organized on a regular basis. These events will enable us to share this significant cultural heritage, primarily rooted in French and European traditions, with a diverse audience.


Working sessions will unite specialists from a range of disciplines to discover, translate, restore, and, when necessary, practically adapt these ancient Masonic rites.


The result of this research will be offered to Freemasons, regardless of affiliation or country, during private sessions organized over several days throughout the year.

We can cite as examples, the Sophisian rituals, the African architects, the Masters of the luminous ring, the rite of the free gardeners, the rite of the free archers, etc.


A publication dedicated to ancient rituals, along with documents distributed during the private sessions, will be accessible on the museum’s website.


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