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The True Friends of the International Museum of Freemasonry

The “True Friends of the International Museum of Freemasonry” are a true chain of solidarity and fraternity supporting the museum project. Thanks to this true human fraternity, this project will be able to successfully go through the various stages of its development.
Find out below how to join, support the museum project and participate in this common work.

A living chain !

Joining the Association of True Friends of MIFM as a founding member is the first stone that you can contribute to this building.

To mark this important support, the founding members receive the foundation medal and a certificate signed by the founders bearing the official seals.

In addition, the names of the founders will be engraved on the walls of the museum and integrated into the cornerstone of the museum.

More details and membership soon...

Founding Member

Joining the Association of True Friends of MIFM is an essential support which offers you VIP access to the museum's events, offers and publications.


To ensure the success of our project, we will organize a treasure hunt, with all proceeds contributing to the purchase of the building. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about the details and dates.

Treasure hunt

Support the project of the Museum right now!

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