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A historic place

The town of Castillonnès, founded in 1259 on the border between France and England, has traversed history while retaining the best of its character. It is here that the project of the International Museum of Freemasonry is being developed.

A medieval bastide

A medieval bastide

Castillonnès, a picturesque medieval village in Lot-et-Garonne, finds its origins in the 13th century. Founded by Alphonse de Poitiers in 1259, this fortified stronghold served as an advanced post in the region, thereby marking its historical role in the defense of the French territory.

A masonic past

In the early 19th century, several residents of this village, who were already initiated into Freemasonry, gathered to establish a lodge. This lodge was named 'The True Friends of Castillonnès.' It existed from 1805 to 1831. We lost track of it after this latter date.

A historic building

The part of the town where the future museum building is located was once a part of the vast medieval castle. It later became a grand residence belonging to the Marquis de Saint-Quentin de Gironde. Then, in the 19th century, this building housed a religious school before becoming a wood warehouse a century later.

A town of art and culture

The town of Castillonnès has been designated as a 'Bastide of Art.' Numerous exhibitions throughout the year, frequent concerts, an art house cinema, and a film festival are all significant events that mark the vitality and history of this community.

An international town

Built in the Middle Ages on the border separating French and English territories, it's not surprising that today the town has become a place where multiple nationalities intersect and settle. Some places strive to create an international space. Here, it's an integral part of the town's history.

An Epicurean heritage

The northern part of Lot-et-Garonne is well-known for the diversity and quality of its products. Whether it's wine or food, it's a true way of life that is expressed around the table. Pleasure takes center stage, and the 'Society of the True Friends of Castillonnès' the « Confrérie des Vrais Amis de Castillonnès» has made it their mission to be its ambassador.

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