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Immersive visits

Immersive tours provide a comprehensive, fun, and educational experience. They offer a unique way to travel, both in space and time. In just a few steps, the door opens to a new world. What had disappeared or was out of our reach then appears.

Origin and history of Freemasonry

An example of a Masonic lodge from the late 18th century will be recreated in life-sized scale. Each visitor will have the opportunity to sit down and, gathered in this mysterious place, hear the voices of the past.

A lodge in the 18th century

A room will be dedicated to projecting various immersive performances related to the history and modern existence of the Masonic tradition. From the magnificent temples of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to the present-day temples of Grand Lodges worldwide, visitors will experience a fascinating journey. Live performances will also be offered.

Immersive shows

The initiatory mysteries of Mithras were celebrated within the Roman Empire. Mysterious underground places where the initiates gathered developed throughout the Roman Empire. Several examples of these can be found in France. The symbolism of these temples served as inspiration for modern Masonic temples. A vaulted cellar in the museum will be used to replicate such a place, providing visitors with a direct experience of these ancient initiatory mysteries.

Mithras, the symbolic origin of Freemasonry

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